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6 Interesting and Surprising Facts about Edmonton

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Edmonton is one of Canada’s Sunniest Cities

Although the weather can get quite frigid in the winter months, Edmonton is fortunate to experience approximately 321 days of sun in a year. This equates to 2299 hours per year.

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Festival City

With over 30 annual festivals, Edmonton has earned its name “Festival City”. Residents and tourists eagerly await many of the annual gatherings such as the Folk Music Festival, The Fringe, Edmonton International Street Performers Festival, The Edmonton International Film Festival and Heritage Days.

Amazing Trail System

Edmonton is known for it’s gorgeous river valley but few may know that there are over 160 km of maintained multi use trails. These trails are utilized all year long by cyclists, runners and walkers.

Mill Creek Trail System

Numerous Golf Courses and Ski hills

There are approximately 70 golf courses within Edmonton and the surrounding area. A great number of these are open to the public and are quite affordable.

There are 3 ski hills within Edmonton and 1 just outside the city limits in Leduc County.

No Provincial Sales Tax

Up to this point Alberta has escaped a provincial sales tax unlike many other provinces. Currently there is only the 5% GST collected on goods and sales from the federal government.

Largest Mall in North America

West Edmonton Mall holds the title of largest mall in North America. It holds the world’s largest indoor amusement park, the worlds largest indoor triple loop rollercoaster, the worlds largest indoor lake, the worlds largest indoor wavepool and the worlds largest parking lot. Who knew?!

West Edmonton Malls size is equivalent to 48 city blocks.

Mind Bender Roller Coaster - West Edmonton Mall

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